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With multi-million dollar contracts on the line, a professionally developed and compliant bid document can make or break your company's bottom line. And there is more to the process than merely preparing a document and making sure it gets there on time. Other crucial elements include:

  1. Assessing the competition and ensuring your bid beats them

  2. Developing a communication strategy during and following the bid process

  3. Assigning a critical path for staff to feed individual contributions into the document

  4. Ensuring the format and contents meet the requirements of the RFI, RFQ or RFP

  5. Designing a document that is professional looking and easy to read

  6. Coordinating revisions and additions as the document progresses

  7. Proof-reading and editing to ensure content is appropriate and accurate

Nexus designs an effective proposal process that ensures clients deliver their bids with confidence. We will also develop and outline a solid stakeholder communications plan that will help you win the contract and keep it. Nexus has provided comprehensive solutions to a healthcare provider, transportation provider and IT services company. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you.