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Crisis / Issue Management

If your organization finds itself in the midst of a public relations crisis such as an environmental spill, service interruption, labour dispute or even a clerical error, the financial and reputation consequences for your organization can be significant. The best solution is to develop a protocol and system to deal with communications before the event or issue occurs. Lacking that, you may need an objective third party with knowledge of the local environment to advise you on day-to-day communications tactics.

Nexus Communications & Consulting will develop a comprehensive communications protocol that will provide a road map for your staff during times of crisis. It will help your key personnel communicate with employees, the media, government regulators and the public. Using effective key messages, multiple channels, simulations and proven communication tactics, we will help your organization not only manage the issue, but use it to your advantage. If you require a hands-on professional to help you weather the storm on site, Nexus can also become a key communications counsellor for your staff.

Key Messages

Many organizations conduct their day-to-day public or government relations through initiatives, meetings, presentations and position papers that lack a common thread. An important strategy that will help tie all of these activities together is the development of key messages. A core set of five to ten messages will help focus your efforts and provide a consistent image to your audience. This is especially important when you are dealing with complicated issues in a large organization with multiple stakeholders. Depending on the goal and implementation, key messages can remain in place for a long period of time, or during the relatively short course of an issue or campaign.

As an objective third party, Nexus will help you develop a set of key messages for your senior executives, sales team, media reps, PR staff and government relations officers. As part of a campaign or a long-term strategy, the messages will deliver faster results that closely align with your organization's goals.

Our experience shows - Nexus has developed key messages for:

  • a multi-billion dollar bid for municipal environmental services

  • a national healthcare provider for internal employee relations

  • a hospital-based healthcare provider offering services to companies and government agencies

  • an international consumer products manufacturer for a new education campaign

  • a national transportation provider's community relations efforts

  • a land owner targeting large industrial clients

Please contact us for more information on these services.