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Stakeholder Management, also referred to as Customer Information Management (CIM), has become one of the most valuable sales and marketing tools of the new millennium. It is more than just gathering information on prospects and customers - it is the foundation to any sound public relations or government relations strategy. It begins with the old PR adage "know your audience" and results in a comprehensive system for identifying, profiling, targeting and tracking all stakeholders related to your business or organization.

Nexus Communications & Consulting has developed a unique and effective stakeholder management system using its expertise in public relations, media relations, government relations and database development. We will help you develop, implement and maintain your own stakeholder management system that will become a cornerstone of your public relations and sales efforts. We provide you with templates and database designs that best meet your needs and system specifications. 

Please see our portfolio for a description of how this service revolutionized the sales and government relations efforts of a Fortune 500 company or contact us to see how it can work for you.