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Nexus is passionate about online communications. We enjoy designing website and multimedia products for clients because the technology is constantly evolving, content can be changed almost instantaneously, and the return on investment compared to "static" media is much higher.

Website Design

Nexus Communications & Consulting uses a structured website design process that ensures maximum impact. If you already have a website presence, we can evaluate its current effectiveness and add to or redesign its structure and content. If you require a new website, Nexus will assist you in identifying its core goals, its functionalities, and its expected outcomes.

A website is more than just an online brochure - it is also:

  • a key component of your marketing strategy

  • a valuable means to mine data from users

  • an innovative medium to deliver your products and customer service

  • a low-cost access point to new customers around the globe

  • a nexus to present valuable content and data that will keep users coming back 

Nexus has developed websites for a wide range of clients. Please see our portfolio for online examples or contact us to harness the power of the web.


Overhead slides simply do not cut it anymore. Audiences have high expectations for company information and speeches that do more than present - they must entertain. While Nexus does not subscribe to the notion that "the more bells and whistles, the better the presentation," we do believe that everyone digests information in different ways. Studies prove that we retain much more if we see, hear and write what is presented. Multimedia presentations open the door for this kind of audience interaction, and Nexus delivers them with a punch!

These solutions include:

  • multimedia presentations for conferences, sales presentations or annual meetings

  • interactive CD-ROM's that present your information and persuade your audience

  • hybrid presentations that can be delivered on the screen, on the web, or both

Using the latest software, Nexus will design eye-popping presentations as stand-alone products or as integrated solutions to existing websites or intranets. See some examples in our portfolio.